Rules of Entanglement

Katt would’ve made Bunni her boyfriend if she was born with an XY between her legs.

The chemistry was there. The vibe was right. But a strap-on couldn’t match the twitch of a dick after shooting loads in the pink passion.

“When are we hooking up?” Bunni made love on the phone with Katt that evening.

“I’m ready when you are, baby,” Katt voiced into the speaker of the smartphone that was squeezed between her double Ds.

She hooked her right ring and middle fingers up her pussy to tell the G-spot cum here!

Bunni heard Katt breathing on the phone from masturbating. “Tell me what you’re doing.”

Katt smacked her lips after licking her fingers. “Giving myself a taste test.”

“I hope you’re sweeter than you look.”

“I eat fruits and drink water every day, babe.”

“What kinda fruits?”

“Pleasure fruits.”

“Hmmm.” Bunni licked her nipple ring in heat. “I love the sound of that.”

Katt finger-popped the kitten with a line-up of fruits. “Peaches, mangos, strawberries, kiwi, bananas, pineapples…”

“That’s how you taste?”

“Eat this pussy and find out.”

Bunni moaned into the receiver. “I hope you want me as bad as I want you.”

“Super Bad?”

“Super baaaaad.” Bunni patted the phat of her pussy with her eyes closed. “Let me put a cape on and fly to you.”

“My bat signal’s on.” Katt grabbed her phone with the dry hand to take a side picture of the pink pyramid. “Do you see it?”


Bunni got the picture seconds later. “Bat Bunni to the rescue.”

“Let’s hook up — me and you.”

“I’m soooooo ready for this…” Bunni stopped herself short of getting caught in the moment.

She reminded herself that she was married, married to a man who played by the rules to the teeth.

“…we have to swap.” Bunni opened her eyes.

Katt’s pussy was Canada dry after popping her ginger. She wasn’t feeling the swap. She wanted Bunni to herself. No men allowed — just a girl’s night out with a panoramic view of the city.

Neither of them said a word after Bunni dropped the fucktomic bomb on the 1-on-1. The awkward silence was maddening. Their perspiration dropped from hot to warm, simmering to normal as if their body temperature were bi-polar.

“I don’t play separate from my husband. We play together — him in the same room for a swap, or for one-on-ones,” Bunni continued the onslaught on Katt’s desires.

For Bunni, love and lust weren’t the same. She pumped the brakes without the greenlight to do something she might regret. Katt, on the other hand, was pissed, like sleeping through the best part of a movie.

Excerpt taken from The F.U.C.K. Book by Nah’Sun



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